Friday, March 8, 2013

(H)ap(p)y 3rd B'day Apy Cooking!

Apy Cooking turns three today. And as it always happens, I was taken back to my very first post.  My most favourite dessert. Something I could eat all day, everyday, if my metabolism worked overtime like Jughead's. So I thought of mentioning this delicious dessert yet again along with two others that I made to celebrate the earlier birthdays of Apy Cooking.

Tres Leches

Is this cake? Nope, it's heaven's delight. Take a bite and feel the burst of sweetened milk dancing on your palate. 

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Coffee at it's best. Coffee and cream. Coffee and cake. Coffee and chocolate. Layers of happiness. "Pick me up"? You bet!

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Doll Cake

Every girl likes dolls. Imagine one made of chocolate. And hazelnut spread. And wrapped in delicious pink fondant. With purple beads.  A cake that will make any girl squeal with delight. 

[Original post here.]

I absolutely enjoyed every tiny moment I spent on making these beauties. Specially when I poured the three milks all over the cake when making tres leches. And when I made the different layers of tiramisu. And when I rolled the fondant to make the doll's dress. And I enjoyed all the little trials and errors that went into making every single post on Apy Cooking. Happy B'day Apy Cooking and thanks to all my dear readers!


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