Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Bake Cake Event

Update :
Hi, I've been very busy visiting relatives, meeting old friends, cousin's wedding, last minute shopping, last minute packing; haven't had time to post the roundup. I will be leaving to SFO soon, so will be posting only after that. I have extended the event and the last date is 30th May. So please keep sending your entries.

I'm in India right now, having a great time in M'lore and Goa. I miss my oven though. I haven't tried baking cakes in the pressure cooker or microwave. Would love some great recipes. Hence the event.

The rules are simple.
  • A tried and tested recipe for a cake cooked in a pressure cooker or microwave or even set in the refrigerator. Please don't send recipes that require the cake to be baked in an oven.
  • No recipes with gelatin please. Eggs are allowed.
  • If you have already posted a recipe, you don't need to do a repost. Just send the right link. Also, please link this announcement in your post.
  • Any number of entries are welcome.
  • Non-bloggers can send their recipes along with a picture, and it will be posted in the round-up.
  • Please send your entries by 15th May 2010. 30th May 2010.

Send your entries to with 'No Bake Cake' in the subject line.
Send the following details :
  • Your Name
  • Blog Name
  • Blog Url
  • Post Url
  • Picture

 Hope to receive your entries. Happy No Baking!!


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