Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Bake Cake Event II

Hello All,

I'm back with the second edition of the No Bake Cake Event.

Whenever you looked at a scrumptious cake did it ever occur to you that if you had an oven you could also bake a delicious cake for your loved ones? The No Bake Cake event shows you that you do not really need an oven to bake a great cake. There are several no bake cake recipes floating on the internet that will help you whip up a wonderful cake.

So if you have never made a cake before, this is a good time to start. And if you have, it's time to make another one! What are you waiting for? Just google 'No bake cake', 'Microwave cake',  'Pressure cooker cake' or 'Gelatin Cake', find a suitable recipe, don your aprons and get going!!

A look at the rules :
  1. From now through September 15, post a recipe for a cake cooked in a pressure cooker or microwave or even set in the refrigerator. Please don't send recipes that require the cake to be baked in an oven.
  2. Eggs and gelatin are allowed.
  3. Link this announcement in your post.
  4. Archived recipes will be accepted only if reposted as current between now and 15th Sep 2010, with a link to this announcement.
  5. Any number of entries are welcome.
  6. Use of logo will be appreciated..
Please send your entries by 15th September 2010 to with 'No Bake Cake' as the subject, with the following details:
    • Your name
    • Blog name
    • Blog URL
    • Recipe Name
    • Recipe URL
    • Picture of the dish
    Non Bloggers are also welcome to participate. Please send the following details :
    • Your Name
    • Location (optional)
    • Recipe Name
    • Recipe
    • Picture of the dish
    Looking forward to a lot of delicious no bake cake recipes. Happy no baking!!



    1. Nice event, happy hosting, i will try to send some entries.

    2. That is a great event, will surely like to participate :)

    3. nice event..will definitely send something
      Happy hosting :)

    4. Interesting event.. will try to send in my entry.

    5. Look fw to this event, Aparna! Cheers!

    6. I used to bake extensively in my Microwave Oven and before I had the MW I used to steam cakes.This one looks like a great event to brush up my non-oven baking skills!!

    7. lovely event Aparna.....btw u haven't collected ur award from my blog...pls do so...u deserve it

    8. Do i need to have a food blog or any blog to enter?

    9. Great event! will try and send my entry.

    10. You don't need to have a food blog. It's open for all.

    11. Hi Aparna,
      This is a great way to get everyone involved!I like your idea.

    12. Thanks for stopping by kothiyavunu and for nice comments..Great event & happy hosting..will try to participate.:)

    13. first time in your blog lovely event
      check out the event in my site

    14. This seems to be a nice event and a different one. Will try to send in my entry.All the best.

    15. thanks for visiting my blog and for participation will definaetly send to ur event. though i am new i need ur advice.

    16. Hi thanks for the mail. will try to send. best wishes.

      You can spread the event in my Sara Food Events page here



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