Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keerla Sukke

We recently had Keerla Sukke at a friend's place, with Cheppi Kheeri. I loved the combination! Luckily I had some turmeric leaves in the freezer so I decided to make, what else, Keerla Sukke and Cheppi Kheeri!

Keerlu is bamboo shoots in konkani language. Cheppi Kheeri is another delicacy made with rice and coconut milk. Konkani food is rich in coconut - grated, dry roasted, coconut milk, paste, and what have you!

Traditionally, jaggery is used in the dish which I excluded since my husband and I prefer it this way.

1 and 1/2 cup chopped bamboo shoots
3/4 cup grated coconut
1 marble sized tamarind
1 tsp oil
3 to 4 red chillies
1 tsp urad dal
1 tsp corriander seeds
3/4 tsp mustard seeds
6 to 7 curry leaves
Salt to taste

I used canned bamboo shoots (Chaokoh) from the Ranch Market. Make sure you wash the bamboo shoots thoroughly. Chop them finely. (And do excuse my picture. I should have chopped better - was running out of time). In a deep bottomed vessel, take some water and boil the bamboo shoots. 

Meanwhile, heat oil and roast urad dal and corriander seeds.  Add red chillies and roast for some more time. Remove from flame and blend with coconut, tamarind and salt, adding water little by little. Don't add too much water - you don't want it to be too watery.
Pour the above mixture on the boiling bamboo shoots. Stir for sometime and allow to boil, till all the water is absorbed and the dish appears dry. Season with mustard seeds and curry leaves. And relish with Cheppi Kheeri and pickle :).



  1. aree waa....keerla sukke is my fav too...being in mangalore i get them offen at that season..great click dear..

  2. Keerlu and cheppi kheeri? hmmm keerlu is my hubbys fav and cheppi kheeri mine .
    Do u get haldi paan easily there? we get here in Mangalore Stores but only on demand during festivals .

  3. Its new to me...Looks delicious...

  4. Thnx, all. My aunt gave me some haldi paan which I froze. And used whenever I wanted to make Kheeri.

  5. Hey Aparna, should I tell u how lucky I've got to be seeing this post here. I have a can of bamboo shoots sitting in my fridge for sometime now and all I had on my mind was to make this Sukke. You've tempted me to make this, so this is going to be at our lunch today!!!

  6. Nice recipe aparna, will surely try with some other vegetable as i dont like bamboo shoots but looks delicious....

  7. Keerla Sukke looks g8. I had that here and I am sure to try it when I return back :)btw which store did you buy the bamboo shoots from?

  8. Thanks for sending this traditional and yummy sidedish.



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