Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Bake Cake Event

Update :
Hi, I've been very busy visiting relatives, meeting old friends, cousin's wedding, last minute shopping, last minute packing; haven't had time to post the roundup. I will be leaving to SFO soon, so will be posting only after that. I have extended the event and the last date is 30th May. So please keep sending your entries.

I'm in India right now, having a great time in M'lore and Goa. I miss my oven though. I haven't tried baking cakes in the pressure cooker or microwave. Would love some great recipes. Hence the event.

The rules are simple.
  • A tried and tested recipe for a cake cooked in a pressure cooker or microwave or even set in the refrigerator. Please don't send recipes that require the cake to be baked in an oven.
  • No recipes with gelatin please. Eggs are allowed.
  • If you have already posted a recipe, you don't need to do a repost. Just send the right link. Also, please link this announcement in your post.
  • Any number of entries are welcome.
  • Non-bloggers can send their recipes along with a picture, and it will be posted in the round-up.
  • Please send your entries by 15th May 2010. 30th May 2010.

Send your entries to with 'No Bake Cake' in the subject line.
Send the following details :
  • Your Name
  • Blog Name
  • Blog Url
  • Post Url
  • Picture

 Hope to receive your entries. Happy No Baking!!



  1. enjoy your break aparana, Thats a lovely event, will surely try to send in my entry soon

  2. Hey Aparna.. Hope you enjoying the vacation. Your event sounds like fun. Let's see. Will send in something if I can manage. Cheers!

  3. Enjoy ur vacation, thats a lovely theme Aparna..will send my entries..

  4. thats a nice one, will try to send some..

  5. Wow.. I would love to watch this event, since I have no experience in NO baking cake :)

  6. Hi Aparna! Have a good vacation!! Will send in my entry!

  7. Hey Aparna... welcome to Mangalore! How long r u here? I am missing M'lore terribly and feeling envious ;) The no-bake cake event is a great thought esp to share recipes with people who do not have an open. I am sending an entry soon! I loved this event!

  8. Enjoy ur stay in India sa...

    This sounds perfect for me as I have never tried anything in oven

  9. M going to do it .. i just posted one last week... nd how long r u in mlore m gona come there at end of may

  10. Nice to have this event . btw i had this Microwave-chocolate-walnut cake in my TO-DO list from long ! now u really pushed me to go ahead and here i am :D i baked it today ..wd like to participate in this event too :)

  11. Wow, you have a cool blog here. Lovely recipes too. Happy to follow u...

  12. Hi Aparna,
    Nice event. your passion for baking is great.. detailed explanation is so helpful.. definitely i can learn baking from ur blog.

  13. Enjoy your vacation..great event

  14. Hey should it only be a cake or it can be some pudding kinds also ?

  15. @ pavithra,

    would prefer cake recipes.


    sure, as long as it is not baked in the oven.

  16. Enjoy ur vacation
    i really liked the event theme..sure will try to participate..
    first time here..nice blog u have especially lots many baking dish..if u get a chance do visit my blog too.
    thanks Prani

  17. Thanks for stopping by my place. I'm intrigued by your event, and would love to see suggestions for pressure cooker cakes from folks who do it! Might have one for you soon myself!
    Take care, and have a great vacation!

  18. hi aparna...thnx for dropping at my blog n commenting...u hv a lovely space dear...loved ur yummy recipes...nice event, liked the idea, vl surely try 2 send sme pressure cooker cake recipe...hey loved ur eggless chco cake...i always prefer eggless cakes...looks tempting...hey i am following ur blog so that i can track all ur future recipes

  19. Hi Aparna
    Thanks 4 dropping in !!
    Loved the event...Looking fwrd 2 join in !!
    Keep Going with ur good work !!
    Njoy ur Vacation!!
    adding u 2 my blogroll !!

  20. Hi
    I am eagerly waiting for the round up!
    I have attended my baking class just a week back, but need to buy OTG or convection oven which will be a month or two!!!
    But can't wait to bake the cake!!!
    I hope this round up will help me for sure.
    and a big thank you for this event!!!
    visit me when you have time!!

  21. Hey Aparna.. nice to see your update. All sorts of things came up and I couldn't make it to this event. Will try next time. Looking forward to the roundup when you get back. Take your time. Cheers!

  22. Great recipes for no bake cake event. I have added it to my event roundup list here:



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