Monday, December 24, 2012

My Baby Turns Four!! Celebrating with Banana Cupcakes Iced with Delicious Flour Frosting

It's my son's b'day again and the time to bake a cake for him! However, this time I made something different - I made several cupcakes and brought them together to wish my son a Happy Birthday! The cupcakes are made of banana - click here for the step-by-step pictures - and the frosting is made with flour! Don't be alarmed when I say flour because the icing comes out so airy and delicious, you want to lick the spoon as you ice the cupcakes. Go ahead, try it for yourself! Here's the link for the flour frosting.

The chocolate frosting I used for the letters is store bought - Pillsburry Creamy Chocolate Icing - and I also swirled some frosting on some cupcakes for a chocolaty taste. If you want different frosting colours you can mix some food colour (the Wilton fan that I am, I used Wilton gel colours) with the flour frosting till you get the hue you desire.

Thankfully, my son had no complaints about the simplicity of the cake which was devoid of any cartoon characters or action figures. Thanks for that Vineet!! Happy B'day!!



  1. Happy B'day to your son... Cupcakes are a wonderful way to celebrate..:) Flour frosting.. sure sounds different and must try it..:)

  2. A very Happy Birthday to Vineet. cupcakes for birthday is an interesting approach..

  3. Happy Birthday to Vineet. The cupcakes look so attractive.

  4. Happy birthday to ur baby boy.. Lovely frosting quite interesting.



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