Monday, March 14, 2011

Cabbage-a Undi / Steamed Cabbage Dumplings

A couple of years back, when I asked a cousin what she would like to have for dinner, she mentioned about cabbage-a muddo. I  immediately googled and found a  recipe for cabbage-a undi on Divya's blog.  I wasn't sure if they were the same but thought of giving it a try anyway. My cousin loved the undis and said these were exactly what she wanted. After that I have made it a few more times, with a couple of changes - I reduced the turmeric powder and, as suggested by my M-I-L, added tamarind. For the original recipe, go here.

Ingredients :
1/2 of a medium cabbage, chopped finely
1 cup idli rava
1 cup grated coconut
5 to 6 roasted red chillies
1 marble sized tamarind
1/4 tsp haldi
1 tsp hing

Method :

Soak idli rava in water for 15 minutes. [The water should just cover the top].

Grind grated coconut, red chillies, turmeric powder and tamarind, with very little water - just enough to get a smooth paste. Drain any extra water from the idli rava, add to the above and grind again. Do not add too much water. The batter should be thick.

Add salt and hing and mix well. Add chopped cabbage into the batter [only as much cabbage as the batter can accommodate]. Shape into balls.
Grease the steamer basket lightly. Place undis atleast half an inch apart as they will slightly increase in size. Steam undis for 25 minutes, or till toothpick inserted comes out clean. [You can even use an idli stand to steam].

To serve - In a bowl, pour some coconut oil, mix a pinch of hing. Pour on top of the undi.

Tastes great with rice, dal, papad, pickle and some yummy Konkani curry.

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  1. healthy looks delicious haven't had this

  2. Dumplings look so delicious and perfect !!

  3. Cabbage dumplings look so crispy and inviting. Excellent preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Healthy and delicious cabbage dumplings..never cooked cabbage in this way before..sounds interesting and nice recipe to me..must try..

  5. Ooh Apy.. that looks yum! I love that these have rava.. (not besan like muthiya).

  6. This is new to me but sure looks tasty and yummy.. very nice way to cook cabbage...

  7. this is really new to me..looks different and delish !

  8. its new to me....delicious...

  9. that looks lovely and intersting usage of cabbage in dumplings.Thanks for sharing.

  10. Interesting and new idea! Looks Yum!

  11. Delicious dumpling..looks inviting

  12. Quite a delicious and interesting dumplings, looks inviting..

  13. wow, that is so creative and lovely snack, love it :)

  14. This looks delicious!! Will give it a try.



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