Monday, January 30, 2012

Hearts for Your Valentine / How to Sprinkle "Love" on Your Cakes

Valentine's day is just around the corner and you would like to make a pretty heart-shaped cake for your sweetheart. But you don't have a heart-shaped pan. No worries, just sprinkle some powdered sugar, sugar sprinkles or cocoa powder on your cake and there, love is all around!!

This is how you sprinkle "love":
If you are decorating a cake with icing, make sure the icing has set properly.
Take a parchment paper and cut out a heart-shaped design on it.

[Parchment paper  should be used because it sticks easily to the icing and can be peeled off easily too. If the cake does not have icing then you may have to grease the parchment cut-outs with a little oil or butter so that they stick easily to the cake].

Place either the heart design or the outline on the cake. In a small strainer, pour a little powdered sugar / coloured sugar crystles / cocoa powder (contrasting the colour of the cake / icing). Sprinkle on the cake.
[I circle the back of a spoon or fork in the strainer so that it doesn't fall all over. If you are using thicker sugar sprinkles that don't pass through a sieve, sprinkle them directly. Also, if you are sprinkling powdered sugar then do so just before you serve. If you refrigerate it, the powdered sugar will melt and disappear!!]

Remove the design and ta-da!!

You can decorate  a large cake with little hearts all over. You can even decorate your plates or cake-boards with designs of your choice. Go ahead, impress your Valentine!



  1. looks lovely...and the ideas are really awesome

  2. Good post, just around the right time :D
    I once tried this too last year, but the icing of my cake was wet & I couldn't spoil it.
    So then God knows how much effort I put into making a stencil on A4 sheet & taping it from 4 sides, with just a little above the cake for sprinkling the powder on cake. Wasted some 1-2 hours, gosh!

    1. Wow, that's a lot of effort. Use parchment paper, it sticks easily to the icing and can be peeled off easily too.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this process of creating heart toppings on cake.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Awesome creation of heart topping on cake...

  5. Wonderful post at rite time:)
    Good job dear...

  6. ah ya valentine days coming up! i like red sprinkles heart!

  7. Gorgeous Cakes Vanni! They look simply awesome!
    I'm sure Suhas anna loved them! ;P

  8. Gorgeous Hearts Vanni! I'm sure Suhas anna loved them! ;P



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